About Us


iLocal Mainstreet is a grassroots campaign to encourage, educate, promote and participate in the growth of the U.S. economy at the local level. Mom & Pop Shops need our help. We bring together small business owners and loyal customers, like-minded people that share the same values. Customers support small businesses, so small businesses can support their community. Won’t you join us?

Now more than ever, since the COVID 19 pandemic, we need to STAND UP FOR MOM & POP SHOPS

We’re doing everything within our power to support local business, but we need your help! We’re stronger together. Won’t you stand with us and be counted? There’s truly strength in numbers. Join our campaign today, it’s free, educational and truly only small businesses that are ‘Mom & Pop Shops’.

Our definition of a ‘Mom & Pop Shop’ is an independent, usually family-owned, controlled and operated small business. A ‘Mom & Pop Shop’ IS NOT a franchised business or big box store.