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Rewards Card Program

A Rewards Card Program Designed For Small Businesses.

Small business owners, a simple easy to use Rewards Card Program that is unlike any other. When you sign up you are part of a network of other small businesses that share the same values as you do. We all want to create customer loyalty and new customers. We all want to support each other and the Mom & Pop Shops community.

As a participant in the Rewards Card Program, you not only create customer loyalty and new customers, but you are able to do get potential business from other small businesses that are in the network. For example, Business A and Business B are participating in the Rewards Program. Each business hands out the 'I Support Mom & Pop Shops' Rewards Cards to their own customers, but since they're the same rewards cards a customer from Business A can walk into Business B and show their Rewards Card and receive whatever Business B is offering. This works both ways. The goal is to create business for all small businesses in the network.

iLocal Mainstreet Rewards Card

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